E-Commerce Tricks to Boost Sales for Cyber Monday

Even though lots of people hit the malls and retail stores on Black Friday, many dedicate some of their holiday shopping money specifically for Cyber Monday. If you’re in the e-commerce business, you might be looking for e-commerce tricks that can help you boost your Cyber Monday sales this year. These are a few tips that can help.

Check Your Inventory

First of all, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of products in stock. If you’re out of stock, customers who would otherwise buy might go somewhere else for all of their shopping. Prepare for a huge rush on Cyber Monday; hopefully, you’ll need as much inventory as you can get, and if not, you will be prepared for the rest of the holiday season.

Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization and keyword use are always important, and it’s especially important to focus on optimizing your website for Cyber Monday. Do your keyword research, and consider optimizing terms like “Cyber Monday,” “Cyber Monday sales” and other related keywords. You’ll want to increase your chances of your site popping up in the search engine listings when people are searching for their shopping options.

Offer Special Deals

So many retailers offer special deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if you aren’t offering sale prices, coupon codes and other deals, you can count on your customers heading elsewhere. Another option is to consider offering free shipping or reduced-price shipping on larger purchases. Many retailers will be offering free shipping on this big day — if not all throughout the holiday season — so it’s a smart idea to look into this option so that you can keep up with your competitors.

Provide a Sneak Peek

Many online retailers offer a sneak peek of the specials that they will be offering on Cyber Monday. This is a great idea, since many people shop around to get an idea of where they will find the best deal on this big online shopping day. Consider releasing a few of your anticipated sales items, but make sure that you save a few surprises for the big day, too.

Use Social Media

Your online retail store’s social media accounts can provide you with a great opportunity to let people know that you will be having a big Cyber Monday sale and to help people get excited about what you will be offering. Post sneak peeks and regular reminders about your big sale.

Consider Paid Ads

Even though you might not think that it’s worth it to pay for paid ads — such as Google AdWords — the rest of the year, it can be worth it to pay for these ads in the days leading up to Cyber Monday. This can help give you just one more boost that will help let people know about your online retail shop and what you will be offering.

Offer Gift Cards

Even if you don’t usually offer gift cards or gift certificates, now is a good time to consider looking into doing so. Lots of people give gift cards and gift certificates during the holidays, and if a customer likes your products but isn’t sure what to buy for the people on his or her list, he or she might just buy a few gift cards. Offering a special discount on these gift cards, such as giving the purchaser a small gift card for free if he or she spends a certain amount of gift cards to give as gifts, can be a great way to promote this option.

As you can see, there are a few different things that you can do as a retailer to help promote your website for Cyber Monday. This can help you start out the holiday shopping season the right way.