How to Hire a WordPress Developer

Ready to kick start your next project, and need a WordPress developer but don’t know where to start? Are you a non-techie and looking for a WordPress developer?

Well, this article is for you. Before you go out to the market and hire a random developer only to find that he is not the right fit, read this guide to understand how to hire the best WordPress developers.

Let’s get started.

Make sure your requirements are clear to your developer candidate(s)

Thankfully, WordPress is a versatile platform. From building blogs to launching websites, social networks, and e-commerce portals and so on – WordPress is a perfect fit for all.

With such an immense use, it is tremendously important that the WordPress developer you hire is in line with your requirements. Thus, just saying that you need a WordPress Programmer, or a WordPress expert won’t serve the purpose.

In order to get in touch with the right WordPress developer who is in line with your job, it is essential that you should be as detailed as possible while writing a job post. A sample job description should be something along the lines of:

Need a WordPress developer who has a command over WordPress themes, or ‘Looking for someone who is an expert at WordPress plugins’,

You understand the difference, right? Chances are high that you won’t get a great developer or designer if you don’t even spend the time to write a well-detailed description.

And the outcome is poor code and faulty execution, all because you were not sure of the requirements from the starting.

how to hire a wordpress developer by pixelrocket

how to hire a wordpress developer by pixelrocket

Start the hunt – Ask for a referral WordPress developer

Once you have the detailed requirements in your hand, it is the right time to start searching for the WordPress developers. The best way to hire a deserving candidate is to ask for referrals.

Talk with people who are in the same field as yours, and ask them if they know any trusted developers. Still, finding it difficult? Then, perhaps you should research a bit more. Ask your acquaintances from co-working space and ask if they have a name to share.

Alternatively, you can also post a job posting on LinkedIn and can connect with the like-minded people.  However, if nothing seems to work out, it is always the best option to post your job on job boards and job portals. There is an array of them!

Some of the job boards that you can make use of particularly when you are looking for WordPress developers include Guru, Freelancer, Smashing Jobs, and WPMU Jobs.

WordPress Development agencies to the rescue

If you are new to the field of outsourcing, and if you want to get the job done quickly and reliably, hiring a reliable WordPress agency is an ultimate solution here.

Although this option could prove to be a bit costly, in the end, it is all worth it! You pay money and get the quality stuff done without any hassles.

This option is especially useful if you have a lot of tasks to take care of and are not short on budget.

Look at their skills as a WordPress Developers

No matter, if you are hiring a WordPress developer or a development agency, it is imperative to have a look at their skills and gauge if they are worth hiring.

how to hire a wordpress developer by pixelrocket

how to hire a wordpress developer by pixelrocket

One of the best practices here is to browse through the online portfolio and online code repositories like GitHub and pay attention to the following important factors:

  • How well do they show their work?
  • Do they have any detailed case studies to show?
  • Can you talk to some previous customers?
  • What was their actual task in the project?
  • Do they contribute actively to the WordPress community?
  • Have they developed any WordPress themes and plugins, and how good are the customer reviews?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can further deepen your search and check all the groups they are members of. This would help you understand how up to date they are with the changing times.

Figure out their working style

In order to have a successful and long term collaboration, it is important that you know your WordPress better. Thus, get in touch with the shortlisted candidates and try to dig their personalities further.

It is crucial to pay importance on their attitude towards work, their passion towards coding, and on their character, overall.

Conduct a quick test

Since it is difficult to figure out how knowledgeable and deserving a certain candidate is, the best way to judge their knowledge is by assigning a small task to them. Or alternatively, you could also ask them for a short piece of code they are most proud of, or ask them for any similar tasks that they have done before.

This would help you in judging their compatibility with your project and would boost the chances of a successful collaboration.

how to hire a wordpress developer by pixelrocket

how to hire a wordpress developer by pixelrocket

Talk with their previous clients

The last step in order to hire a deserving WordPress expert is to ask them for references. Talk with their previous clients and ask them for the feedback.

Since they have already worked with the developer here, they might help you make a well-informed decision. Here are a few questions that you might choose to ask the previous clients of your developer:

  • Did they deliver work on time?
  • Was the project completed successfully?


Hiring a WordPress developer, particularly when you don’t have sufficient knowledge about coding is a tough task. However, with the help of steps laid out above, we are sure, that you would be able to make the right choice.

Got questions? Let us know!