PixelRocket Presents: The 10 Worst Mobile Apps of All Time

We’re fans of great design, engineering and achievements in the field of technology. We’re also a fan of the opposite.


Here at PixelRocket we love a good fail story. What’s 10x better, however, are 10 fail stories. So, without further adieu, here are the 10 worst apps of all time!

#10: Snookify Me

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.40.00 PM

Yes, there’s an app to make you look like Snooki, and it starts us off as one of the worst apps ever created. What’s worse is someone was paid to do this work, and probably even listed it in their portfolio. $10.00 to the first person who can locate said software vendor.


#9: Miller Lite Beer Time

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.44.45 PM

Are you tired of yelling over the crowd and atmosphere of your favorite bar just to order a Miller Lite? Probably not, but just in case you are there’s the Miller Lite Beer Time app to flash at the bartender when you need X amount of Miller Lites. So! Just in case you aren’t spending enough time on your phone at a bar already you can now keep full eye contact with your screen even while you’re ordering. Here are PixelRocket we pride ourselves on drinking fine beer like Miller Lite almost daily, so you can fully expect to any member of our team at a local bar blinding the bartender with our iPad version of the app.


#8: Will You Marry Me

Will You Marry Me?

Yes, there’s an app that takes care of your proposal for you. Because what soon-to-be spouse isn’t dreaming of that proposal screen as they are ushered into a new era of life? The right thing to do is obviously SMS your significant other, but in case you’re incapable of that level of romanticism you’ve got a backup plan now.


#7: Hold the Button

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.51.04 PM


This is the ultimate app for button holders. We know that before the invention of the smart phone there were tons of you out there just holding a button of some kind down. Well now you’re FREE to hold onto a button anywhere you go. Seriously, just hold onto it. Some developer went through painstaking lengths to give you this freedom.


#6: Run, Tweet, Run!

Although there are far dumber things to spam Twitter with, you now have the ability to fire off a Tweet for every mile you’ve crossed. As far as being one of the worst mobile apps in history is concerned this certainly doesn’t take the cake, but it isn’t far off either. If you need 140 characters to express your mileage then you’re probably already using several of the apps in this post.

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#5: Pocket Heat

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.55.16 PM

What’s better than bringing your phone to its hottest point and destroying your battery? Paying $2.00 for an app that uses 100% of the battery to bring its temperature to an a near blistering state. On older iPhones of course you could do this by way of most phone calls, but just in case you have extra battery to spare you will need this app to keep you warm. We use it almost daily here in Houston.


#4: Taxi Hold’Em

Taxi Hold'Em.

It’s unfortunate, but the screenshot above is the entire app. It was hailed as the most innovative mobile app for taxi and driver services before Uber and Lyft. Taxi Hold’Em is a must-have if you’re downtown and unable to raise your hand or whistle.

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#3: iNap@Work

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 8.01.20 PM

Much like all of the folks on our team, you probably sleep through most of your workdays as well. Well, now you have the ability to make work-like sounds while you nap thanks to iNap@Work! Your immediate supervisor and surround coworkers will work be so impressed by all the sounds coming from your cubicle that they might even work hard enough to make up for your napping.


#2: Fat Burner2K

Everyone knows the fastest way to shed fat cells from any part of your body is through vibration. Why not make an app that vibrates on demand to help lose weight in your spare time? Well, don’t bother because it already exists. The app is almost the dumbest idea in history, except that it’s predicated on the dumbest idea in history.


#1: Hangtime!


Hangtime is our #1 dumbest app because it’s the only app that truly rewards you for your stupidity. Now, we can rag on this app all we want, but the interesting part of this application is that it is actually the inception of Austin’s badass mobile firm, Mutual Mobile. Think we’re kidding? Check this out:

It was called HangTime, and the idea was simple: Who can toss their iPhone the highest? The .99 cent app calculated the free-fall time of an iPhone and kept a scoreboard of top performers. Within a few months, the app went so viral that users were skydiving with their iPhones, waiting until the last moment to open their parachutes–all to generate a higher score.”

Read more: http://www.inc.com/30under30/nicole-carter/mutual-mobile-john-arrow.html#ixzz35helVYFp


And there you have it! The ten dumbest apps of all time. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed learning of this ridiculous apps as much as we have.

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