SEMrush vs MOZ: Deciding Which One is Right for Your Business

Before developing the first MOZ SEO tool, Rand Fishkin, an established SEO thought leader, was in the business of SEO consultation. Fishkin is a well-respected and resourceful marketing expert. His content marketing and SEO skills are amazing. His MOZ SEO tool however tells a different story.

SEO works well for all online business regardless of nature and industry. SEO strategies help raise the ranking of your website in the search result pages of search engines. Having a high rank drives more traffic to your website.

SEO should be a continuous effort to improve the organic search results ranking of your website. You need to continuously monitor your website so you do not miss out on any opportunities.

There are many businesses offering SEO services. Although search engines are the ones that give your website its rank, a good SEO ranking results from efforts in providing valuable and relevant content to visitors of your website.

SEO tools are designed to improve the marketing efforts you do to make your website get the highest ranking in search result pages of search engines. The best SEO tools will improve the ranking of your business in search results pages of search engines.

Content marketing and content creation are one of the best SEO techniques to get a high rank in the search engine results pages of search engines. SEO tools such as SEMrush, Moz, Woorank and Raven with free trials would initially get the work done. For content marketing and creation, the AdWorks tool for keyword research provides a big help, too.

As your SEO business flourishes, free trials from SEO tools and the AdWords keyword research tool will not be enough to complete your job. SEMrush and Moz are pretty impressive tools.

You may have already used the free versions of either SEMrush and Moz and have gotten good enough results for your business, blog and clients. You are now planning on taking your SEO business to a higher level and are planning on upgrading to the full version of these SEO tools.

Regardless of whether you have tried the trial versions of SEMrush and Moz or not, please continue to read so you can learn more about these SEO tools and how they can help improve the rank of your website or blog in search engine results pages.

In this article, SEMrush and Moz will be placed side by side so you can see how they compare in terms of features, pricing and ease of use. These two SEO tools are the most popular choices of many SEO users.

Comparing Features

Searching for SEO tools on Google will give you a lot of results. This just shows that there are a lot of resources for SEO. Most of these tools however tend to make SEO complicated. SEMrush and MOZ are two of these SEO tools that not only have amazing features but are easy to use, too.


Many bloggers, SEO experts and agencies engaged in SEO agree that SEMrush may be able to provide the best value.

SEMrush is best used to:

  • Search for new keywords
  • Make websites get a better rank in search engines with regards to competitive keywords
  • Search for the keywords of competitors
  • Find data on how SEm and SEO are being used by competitors
  • Analyze backlinks

Low-competition and long tail keywords are important to SEO. Together with the AdWords Keyword Research tool of Google, SEMrush will allow you to get great low competition keywords that can make your content get a good rank in search result pages of search engines.


Before developing the first MOZ SEO tool, Rand Fishkin, an established SEO thought leader, was in the business of SEO consultation. Fishkin is a well-respected and resourceful marketing expert. His content marketing and SEO skills are amazing. His MOZ SEO tool however tells a different story.

Moz ensures that target keywords gets it best search engine ranking. It does this by auditing your pages’ content and providing specific suggestions for improvement. These customized suggestions allow you to create subsequent content that are sure to get better SEO rankings.

MOZ is best used to:

  • Get a total picture of how your keywords rank in search engine result pages through the Search Visibility score.
  • Track national and local searches to know what searchers are seeing
  • Save keyword list for easy tracking and upgrading.
  • Target keywords with exact keyword volume
  • Help target the right keywords for custom reports.



SEMrush Pricing

This is the 2017 Pricing Plan for SEMrush. Prices are monthly rates. Pay yearly and save up to $800.

  • Pro : $ 99.95 ( ideal for start-ups, freelancers and in-house marketers who  

                  have a Limited budget)

  • Guru :  $199.95  (ideal for marketing agencies and SMB)
  • Business :  $399.95  (ideal for e-commerce projects, agencies and businesses with

                                   Extensive internet presence)

  • Enterprise : Customized Plan ( ideal for businesses with special marketing needs)

Moz Pro Pricing

This is the 2017 Pricing Plan for MOz Pro. Prices are monthly rates. Pay yearly and save 20%.

    • Standard : $99 (ideal for those new to SEO. Includes the basics)


  • Medium : $149 (Starter Plan. Includes Keyword Research tools)
  • Large : $249 (ideal for agencies and businesses that are really into SEO)
  • Premium : $599 (unlimited users per account)



Ease of Use

How to Use SEMrush

  1. Create an account. You can start by registering for a free account with free access for 1 month
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Choose Organic Research (located on the left sidebar)
  4. Type your competitor’s domain name. This will show you the ranking of the keywords they are working on ranking for.
  5. Filter the top 10 keywords your competitor is working on ranking for. These keywords should at least have a 10+ search volume in a month.

Once you know the keywords your competitor is working for, develop strategies for your keyword and content to ensure your website gets a good rank for each of your competitor’s 10 keywords.

There will be instances when your competitor already has a lot of backlinks for the keywords they are working for as well as other SEO factors that contribute to their high ranking. If this is so, go for the low-medium competition long-tail keywords.

Some keywords may have low search volumes but less to no competition. In this case traffic to the website will still be high. SEMrush allows you to check ranking results in both Goggle and Bing (US). You can also check the rankings of your website and that of your competitors in 26 countries.

Free Trial Account

  • Limited to 5 searches per day.
  • Limited to 10 results.


Paid Account

  • Backlink Audit. You can find some backlink opportunities by conducting a deep link analysis on your website and your competitor’s website. Relevant backlinks help your website get a better SEO ranking.
  • Position Tracking. Choose 100 keywords and see the SEO ranking of your website for each of these keywords. Knowing how your website ranks for each of the keywords can help you adjust optimization strategies to make sure your website gets a good ranking with all 100 keywords.
  • Site Audit. This allows you to fins any issues with your website so you can fix them. SEMrush has an ideal “health percentage“ for your website. You will receive an email notification once your website falls below the ideal health percentage.

To better appreciate how SEMrush can help your website rank well in search engine result pages, get on the 30 day trial. Use all the available features so you can make an educated decision on whether to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Verdict: Many SEO experts highly recommend SEMrush because it is the best SEO tool. This is also the best choice for first time SEO tool buyers. For only $69.95 a month you will be able to do research on organic keywords, create powerful backlinks and check on the data of your competitors. SEMrush will give you so much value for your money. Use it to its maximum potential and enjoy a high ROI.

How to Use MOZ

Most of the features of MOZ are free so it is ideal for users who:

  • Are on a limited budget
  • Are not yet ready to invest on an SEO tool.

With MOZ, you will be able to ensure that your website gets a good ranking in search engine result pages without making any investment.

Here are the free tools available with MOZ. You can use all these tools to enhance your website’s search visibility.

  • Keyword Explorer. Helps you search for the best keywords you can use for your niche.
  • Open Site Explorer. Use this to track the link profile of your website and uncover some backlinks.
  • Moz Content & FollowerWok. This is a tool for content marketing. Followerwonk has since 2016 been phased-out to concentrate of the more important SEO offerings.
  • MozBar. This Google Chrome extension shows on a regular basis your website’s Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). The MozBar Chrome extension is free.


Both DA and PA are important metrics that change monthly. It is therefore important to know how your website is measured in terms of their DA and PA.


With the MozBar, you can also do keyword research. Link analysis of your visited websites is also possible from the Google Chrome bar. MozBar Chrome extension

Free Trial

  • Limited to 3 Searches per day.

Many users, after having been impressed with the free services of Moz, upgraded to a paid subscription only to be disappointed.


Many MOZ users say it is not a wise idea to upgrade to the SEO tool’s paid subscriptions. There are however also some users who swear by how effective this SEO tool is.

Although many users say MOZ is not a good SEO tool, they continue to use its free tools such as the Moz Bar and the Open Site Explorer to keep track of SEO matters. Although worth mentioning is the fact that Moz has content marketing and SEO resources that can be downloaded for free.

Moz also numerous resources SEO beginners can read to learn some SEO techniques and tactics. SEO experts suggest that beginners read The Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO to get the best insights on SEO.  Video series published weekly featuring MOZ Founder and CEO Rand Fishkin is also another resource beginners and SEO experts should not miss.


SEMrush vs MOZ: Making the Choice



  • Free tools
  • Register for an account to avail of a 30-day trial with several limitations.
  • Better paid subscription features.
  • Available data can be overwhelming but product guides and training materials are available.
  • Offers weekly webinars to perfect your SEO skills
  • Excellent support team.



  • Free tools
  • Free tools in 30-day trial are similar to what you will get in a full version of Moz Pro.
  • Expensive based on features included in the tool.

SEMrush is the better SEO tool than Moz. Many SEO gurus believe it is an indispensable tool for growing not just your blogging career but your entire business as well.

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