Case Study

GoFish Cam

This web and responsive MVP web app project was to aid GoFish with their marketing strategy leveraging customer uploads of their fishing videos for bounties.

See for Yourself
GoFish Cam

10 weeks

Project Type
  • Web App
  • MVP
  • UI/UX Design
  • Wires and Visual Design
  • Responsive Web MVP

Project Summary

The team at GoFish in Austin, Texas needed a web app MVP for their video-upload bounty program. They needed a lot of backend features, but wanted a lean solution that was also manageable.

Project Breakdown

In the end we built a WordPress-based web app that allows for easy management and creation of bounties, users, and the marketing site. The product allowed them to get a minimum viable product built in their timeline and budget that not only looked great, but functioned properly to support their marketing objectives.


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“We hired Pixel Rocket to build a proof-of-concept web application with a polished front-end and a manually functional back-end. The aim was to quickly achieve an MVP to test market viability before committing to full application development.

Many of the developers we received proposals from could not offer this, insisting on over-engineered process automation and custom, from-scratch development. Blake went above and beyond to understand our needs and adhered to the scope of the project throughout our engagement. Working with the Pixel Rocket team was effortless and, in the end, we got our MVP early and on-budget.”

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