Typography is taking over

Our brief overview on the important updates in typography from Google.

The power to express words and ideas visually, simultaneously stimulating cognitive and visual articulation is called typography. Though many styles have permeated our emails over the years, the new trend of Kinetic Typography has made a virtual splash in the recent doldrums of commercials. These clean cut, stylized, aesthetically pleasing, moving pieces of information have given new light to the way we as consumers view and transmit information between each other.

Connection with Communication

While seemingly just a trend or small bump in the industry, Kinetic Typography is blazing a trail in the way information is passed between parties (B2B, P2P, B2P,etc). With little room for cluttered ad space or clunky, unintelligible UI/UX,  Kinetic Typography offers a clean, understandable, and easy to navigate user interface. Which in turn lowers the barrier to entry for inexperienced or new users, but still offer that in depth customizable experience that hardcore users rave for.

The Golden Years

Accounting for roughly 25% of the population or rather 74.6 million people, the Baby Boomers of yesterday are headed to their golden years of today. The potential for new users is staggering and quite honestly ripe for the picking. Through the developments of easy to navigate UI  and and multiple ways to interact with devices, such as voice,  mobile devices have the potential to make a positive impact for our elder generation. From medical applications to communication the ceiling for innovation is unbridled compared to any other industry.

Man from yonder generation looking at the future

Man from yonder generation looking at the future

Fluid Interactions

Through rich animations, responsive touch feedback, and smooth and seamless transitions between activities and applications Google is taking the next step forward in creating a unanimous open platform that is easy to access from any portal (mobile, desktop, auto, wear), easy to understand in-part from Google’s stylized idea of Material Design (fancy way of saying typographical layout), and easy to use with Contextually aware,  clutter free, easy tools that learn with you and adjust to how you use your device.

PixelRockets's preview of Android "L" design

PixelRockets’s preview of Android “L” design

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